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Rolling equipment
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Rolling equipment

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Bend pipes up to 32 mm without wrinkles and cable!


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REMS Akku-Curvo Li - Ion. Cordless bender Ø 10–32 mm, Ø ¼–1⅛”, up to 180°. For hard, semi-hard, soft and thin-walled, Ø 10-28 mm, Ø ⅜-1⅛", soft coated copper and thin-walled pipes Ø 10-18 mm, press connection systems of stainless steel Ø 12-28 mm, C-Stahl steel yes also for coated pipes Ø 12-28 mm, soft, high-precision pipes Ø 10-28 mm, steel pipes according to standard DIN EN 10255 Ø ¼-½", electrical installation piping according to standard DIN EN 50086 Ø 16-25 mm, multilayer pipes Ø 14-32 mm. Very light, the drive with the battery weighs only 9 kg. One type of bending segments and sliders are suitable for REMS Akku-Curvo, REMS Curvo, REMS Curvo 50 and REMS Sinus. The drive requires no maintenance and is equipped with a sliding clutch. Powerful 18 V battery motor with power reserve and 500 W output. Actuator with comfortable handle, battery Li-Ion 18 V, 2.6 Ah, fast battery charger Li-Ion/Ni-Cd 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 65 W, pin, bending segments and sliders. In a strong steel tin box.

Set 15-18-22 Art.-No. 580056

Set 15-18-22-28 Art.-No. 580057

Set 12-15-18-22 Art.-No. 580050

Set 15-22-28 Art.-No. 580052

Set 12-14-16-18-22 Art.-No. 580051

Set 12-14-16-18-22-28 Art.-No. 580061

Set 14-16-18-22-28 Art.-No. 580058

Set 3/8-1/2-5/8-3/4-7/8” Art.-No. 580054

Other bending segments and sliders are also available, see REMS Catalogue.

REMS aerosol grease for bending work, 400 ml Art.-No. 140120

Rolling equipment
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